4 Traits of a reliable and professional UK immigration Consultant

4 Traits of a reliable and professional UK immigration Consultant

The United Kingdom is a country which welcomes travellers, temporary workers, and prospective residents alike. British countries invite people from all over the world, not just to visit their historical treasures, but also to strengthen their workforce. The health service sector alone is composed of a significant portion of migrant workers and is continually in high demand for more nurses and caregivers.

Employment is one of the top reasons why people flock to the UK. Applicants are relocating to the UK for local education options as well, according to immigration statistics by the UK Government in 2015. Along with the increase in the demand for jobs, the number of UK Migration consultants also rose.

Generally, for migration consultants, their primary purpose is to assist applicants in applying for a UK visa and their services can differ in several ways. Their services, specialities, and fees are only some of the items which mark differences; allowing applicants and clients to determine if the migration consultant fits their needs.

To assist you in making that judgment, please refer to the following qualities applicants should look for in a reliable and professional UK Migration Consultant:

They are registered with the OISC.
The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) assesses the qualifications of immigration advisers and upholds standards in the practice of UK immigration law. Your adviser or immigration consultant must, therefore, be registered under the OISC to be deemed capable of representing you and giving visa advice. 
To find out if your agent is authorised, ask for their OISC number and confirm its authenticity on the OISC site.

They are employed by an OISC-recognized institution.
The OISC provides a register of accredited migration consultation companies, as well as a list of banned immigration advisers. 
If your chosen migration consultant is employed by an OISC-recognized company, this provides a basic level of protection; ensuring that your visa application will be managed by a competent professional.

In addition to checking their company’s OISC membership, you are also encouraged to run a search according to the type of visa you are looking to obtain as well as the area of your concern.

They abide by UK immigration laws.
Your UK immigration consultant can assist you in applying for your selected visa, but they do not have the authority to grant the visa; only UK Visas & Immigration can decide if you are approved. 
If your advisers make outrageous claims such as taking shortcuts or giving special treatments, you might want to verify the legitimacy of their claims with OISC.

They have fair practices and reasonable fees.
There are numerous tools online that allow you to complete visa assessments for free. Companies that ask for payment before conducting simple preliminary evaluations are simply requesting unnecessary fees.

It would help to familiarise yourself with the guidelines, average fees, important steps, and typical application processing times of your application to find out if your consultant is charging you reasonable rates and undertaking the correct procedures.

There’s an official government site dedicated to that purpose; therefore you can visit the UK visa and immigration page to discover more if you are interested.

For more information on best practices and the best application for your particular situation, contact one of our Regulated UK Migration Consultants. 

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