6 Reasons Why The UK is the Ideal Migration Destination

6 Reasons Why The UK is the Ideal Migration Destination
When people think of the UK, London is the first place that springs to mind as a place of employment opportunity. However, the UK has numerous economic centres offering a wide variety of employment opportunities to professionals and workers alike.
Here are just a few reasons why you should consider migrating to the UK in the near future.
Oxford University
Oxford University
World-Class Education Opportunities
Cambridge and Oxford are the top two places to study in the UK (ranked second and first in the world respectively). but UCL, Imperial College and the University of Edinburgh are also among the top 10 educational institutes in the United Kingdom.
UCL (University College London) currently ranking at number 14 in the world, is a fantastic multi-disciplinary university; offering excellent courses in medicine, language, law, engineering, history, astrophysics and the arts.
Meanwhile, Imperial College (ranked at number 9) is ideal for those seeking to study science, technology, engineering and medicine.
The University of Edinburgh came in at 29th in the world and is amongst the best institutes for studying humanities and social sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and Science and Engineering in the UK. According to the Times Higher Education rankings, the University of Edinburgh’s “Medicine and Veterinary Medicine is reputed to be a world-leader in its field.” Highly revered for its excellence in research, quality of teaching, and careers opportunities after graduation, the University of Edinburgh is definitely not to be overlooked!
Wherever you choose to study in the UK, you are undoubtedly receiving the best of the best education.
There's a reason why more businesses are looking to the UK for expansion
There's a reason why more businesses are looking to the UK for expansion​

A Strong Economy
Though its economy is reported as slower than the other countries in the European Union, the UK economy is still one of the fastest growing in the world.
The UK has recovered from their last recession 10 years ago. Businesses are still progressing and many residents are able to find steady employment fairly quickly.
London has been hailed as an “economic powerhouse;” attracting companies, investors and entrepreneurs alike who want to establish or expand their businesses. Aside from the language and favourable time zone, location is one of the prime factors – London is home to approximately 10 million residents with 1.5 million being skilled workers. With access to both skilled and unskilled talent, it’s no surprise that businesses are eager to set up shop in the UK. And because the UK is continuously attracting new businesses, there’s no shortage of employment opportunities.
Alcoholic Beverage world leader, Diageo (known for producing the likes of Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Baileys and Guinness) has been touted as one of the best global companies to work for, with over 33,000 employees worldwide and their headquarters in the UK.
Oil and Gas giant BP, British Airways, popular confectioner Cadbury, metals and minerals supplier Rio Tinto, and famous cruise liner P&O Ferries also have their headquarters based in the United Kingdom.

 Barber in the UK
Barbers and hairdressers tend to earn around £10,296 

Decent Wages
The average salary for a full-time employee in the UK is approximately £27,271.
Full-time brokers were reported to earn the most with £133,677 on average while CEOs and other senior professionals typically earned £107,703 on average. Pilots, flight engineers and marketing professionals averaged £90,146 and £82,962 respectively. Retail assistants, hairdressers and barbers typically earned around £10,296 and £10,019 while cleaners and hospitality workers (wait staff and bartenders) were reported salaries around the £7,000 mark.
Additionally, the UK has a fairly high minimum wage compared to the rest of the world at £7.83 per hour for employees who are 25 years of age and over.
 Visit the Stonehenge in the UK
 Visit the Stonehenge in the UK​

Amazing History
Yes, the UK is home to beautiful castles and Game of Thrones filming locations, but it also has many wondrous historical sites.
Some must-see places include the stone circle of Stonehenge, The Tower of London, Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire, (the birthplace of none other than William Shakespeare), St Paul’s Cathedral, and Edinburgh Castle to name a few!
The best part is that most of these sites can be done in one day or an easy weekend trip.
 Fish and Chips in the UK
Fish and Chips are popular in the UK, but curry is the nation's favourite dish.

British culture is an aggregate of the various international citizens who have migrated and settled in the UK over the years.
Yes, there are items that are quintessentially ‘British’ (such as the iconic English Breakfast and Fish and Chips) but there are many popular cultural conventions that clearly show influences from other cultures; shaping British culture into a multicultural mosaic of customs.
Curry is considered the nation’s favourite dish!

Visit Greece on the Weekend
How many of you can just visit Greece for a quick weekend trip?

Experience the Rest of Europe
The UK is within a stone’s throw away from most of the other European countries and easily accessible by plane, train or car.
If you live in the UK, you could visit Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, or the Netherlands in a fraction of the time and price – for example, you could fly from England to Italy in 2.5 hours for as little as £45!*
*Naturally, flight costs vary depending on the time of year and if you can catch sales from airlines. Regardless of sales, you’d still be able to travel to the other European cities far more easily from the UK than from Australia or the US!
If you’re considering moving to the UK and aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us! Our migration consultants will help you assess your circumstances and advise on the best path for you.



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