Everything You Need to Know About the Updated Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List

Everything You Need to Know About the Updated Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List

Updated Tier 2 - Shortage Occupation List 
The government of the United Kingdom has recently updated its Shortage Occupation List (SOL). There are currently over 30 jobs on it, which is a relief to many employers who need to hire foreign talents to realign their operations immediately. The great thing about hiring skilled employees through SOL is that employers don’t have to deal with bureaucratic hindrances typically involved in hiring foreign workers via the natural recruitment process.
What is the Shortage Occupation List?
It is a list of available jobs that the local labour market fails to fill. These are the positions that are open across industries in the entire United Kingdom. These roles are available to all foreign nationals, regardless if they’re from a European Union (EU)-member country or not.
Who decides which job makes the list?
Determining which particular jobs will make the list is the sole responsibility of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). MAC is an independent, non-statutory, non-time-limited, non-departmental public body that acts as the government’s principal adviser on migration issues. They select the jobs by evaluating the current needs of local businesses across the country. Every year, they publish an update on how they have assessed labour market shortages on their official website.
Employer Advantages
Unlike regular skilled jobs, locally based employers are not required to advertise jobs that are part of the list through the Resident Labour Market Test. 

SOL- jobs can also be offered to Non- European Economic Area (EEA) workers.
*Foreign applicants who will come to the UK under a skilled job listed on the SOL will earn enough points even without providing documentary proof of their prospective earnings or qualifications.

However, if a particular occupation has been removed from the SOL during the period of recruitment, the applicant will not earn any points. Therefore, it’s the employer’s responsibility to consult the list regularly and inform their applicants of the changes.

How often are changes made to the SOL?
It depends on the labour market scene or on the needs of the locally based employees. A high attrition rate in a specific industry role may put it on the list. Just recently, several changes have been made to the teaching and healthcare segment due to the increase in the number of concerns from UK employers themselves. Each update or tweak is announced through the government’s official website or through MAC’s.
Job posts that are presently on SOL and their corresponding salaries:
Production managers/directors (mining and energy) —£20,800 (entry level)- £37,600 (experienced)
  • Civil engineers—£22,800-£30,00
  • Mechanical engineers —£27,400- £32,900
  • Electrical engineers-—£24,800- £35,600
  • Electronics engineers (railway) —£25,200-£31,300
  • Design and development engineers—£25,300-£32,100
  • Production and process engineers—£22,900-£30,000
  • Engineering professionals (electricity transmission and distribution)— £26,100-£32,000
  • IT analysts, managers, architects and systems designers—£26, 500-£40,300
  • IT and communications professionals (cyber security) —£20,800-£29,900
  • Programmers and software development professionals—£24,000-£31,100
  • Environmental professionals (construction-related ground engineering)— £20,800-£24,300
  • Medical practitioners (consultancy/emergency)— £30,002-£75,249
  • Medical radiographers—£21,478-£77,850
  • Nurses—£16,271-£77,850
  • Secondary teachers (maths, chemistry, and physics) —£20,800-£37,836
  • Social workers—£21,478-£77,850
  • Quality control and planning engineers—£23,000-£29,400
  • Engineering technicians—£20,800-£27,600
  • Dancers and choreographers (ballet/opera)— £20,800-£24,200
  • Musicians (orchestra)— £21,478-£24,200
  • Graphic designers—£20,800-£21,200
  • Buyers and purchasing officers (aerospace) —£20,800-£23,800
  • Welding trades (pipe welder) —£20,800.00
  • Aircraft maintenance and related trades—£21,900-£27,100
  • Chefs (after deductions for room, board, etc.) —£29,570
  • Line repairers and cable jointers (overhead line workers) —£32,000.00

Application Fees for Jobs on SOL
Applying for yourself 
  • Outside the UK- £437          
  • Extend or switch by post in the UK -£437
  • Extend or switch in person in the UK (premium service) -£937
Citizens of Turkey/Macedonia 
  • Outside the UK - £382
  • Extend or switch by post in the UK -£382
  • Extend or switch in person in the UK (premium service) - £882
All dependants 
  • Outside the UK - £437 each person
  • Extend or switch by post in the UK - £437 per pax
  • Extend or switch in person in the UK (premium service) -£937 per pax
Applicants must also pay the UK healthcare surcharge (£150 per year, based on the amount of leave granted on your visa.)

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