Explaining the Leave vote, or why a big slice of UK’s population chose to part ways with the EU

Explaining the Leave vote, or why a big slice of UK’s population chose to part ways with the EU
Brexit was a tragic experience that couldn’t be altered anymore, especially if the new UK prime minister’s stance on the matter is to respect the majority vote. Tragic, because it’s akin to witnessing the first months of an erring, newly elected populist leader, as a lot of Brits seemed to have felt its horrible aftereffects even though the EU divorce remains a nascent idea since it has yet to be finalized. 
On social media, some leavers admitted that their vote had been given impulsively and without really understanding its full extent and possible repercussions. It sounds nationalistic to do so, some said, and this carelessly embraced credence is amongst the reason why the remainers end up on the losing side.
Patriotism may have been one of the strongest forces behind the Leave vote. Age, economic status, and educational attainment also play a crucial role. In a nutshell, as most experts theorised several days after the referendum, many Brits clung to the promises of Brexit without completely knowing what they were voting for or why they were queuing for the polls in the first place.
Many political analysts believe that the rise of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) encouraged, then-Prime Minister David Cameron to give the referendum a try. 
But what can the Brits and those seeking to move to the UK do? Article 50 has been triggered, and the best thing to hope for is a smooth transition. The success of the divorce could be a perfect model for those who seek sovereignty from bigger political and economic organisations.

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