Questions you are asking us... Voluntary Work on a Tier 2 Visa

Questions you are asking us... Voluntary Work on a Tier 2 Visa

At Migration Expert, we often get certain questions frequently. So in this series, we decided to answer a few of them at one time. Today, we're looking at voluntary work.

Q: I am currently in the UK on a Tier 2 General Visa. Will I be allowed to do some voluntary work outside my normal working hours in my field of work?

Holders of a Tier 2 visa often ask this question as this particular visa allows you to apply for a second job. Many get confused, thinking that volunteering positions are considered as a second job.

So let's break it down:

A person who has successfully obtained a Tier 2 General Visa has been offered a skilled job from a legitimate company in the UK. They have been sponsored by that company and are expected to work in the role described in their application. Once that person has started working at their first company, they are allowed to apply for a second job. However, they are only allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week and the second role must be in the same profession, at the same level, as their main employment. The applicant must also be sponsored by the second company and approved by the government before they can commence their second role.

In addition, for the Voluntary Work requirement, the role must be unpaid. Also, the applicant does not need to obtain sponsorship from the company they are volunteering with and there is no limit to hours worked in a voluntary position.
Therefore, Tier 2 General Visa holders can be allowed to do any voluntary work in any sector, provided they are not paid for the work. Payment for reasonable expenses is allowed. 

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