The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in the UK

The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in the UK

Let’s be frank about it—a lot has changed after Brexit. But that doesn’t mean the country’s job market will just yield to an incessant freefall. The new administration’s many efforts in pulling the economy up have paid off. As The Guardian’s economic editor Larry Elliot put it, “The job market is slowly catching up.” 
In other words: there are still jobs for everyone. In fact, locally based employers are still on the hunt for people who can fill in vacant positions in their respective companies. After all, what could a ‘buoyant and ‘steady job market mean other than more jobs for everyone?
So here are the top 10 jobs that are expected to be in high demand in the UK this year:
  1. Developer
UK-based recruitment website Adzuna reveals that some of the most important people in the booming digital market are developers. 
The most sought after individuals are those with strong Java knowledge, those who can design websites, programs, and software; especially those who deal with strengthening company operations and data security.
It’s a highly desirable role too, at £43,000 a year.
  1. Designer
The digital boom wouldn't be complete without the designers. As UK businesses build their presence on the online world, demand for web designers remains high. This skyrocketing demand even bolstered their basic starting salary to £40,000; an increase from a mere £20,000s several years ago.
  1. Finance Manager 
In 2014, London was already the king of the global fintech market, and despite suffering from several repercussions due to Brexit, it continuously manages to be a global leader in a relatively new industry. 
As it finds its way back to the top, those with bachelor’s degrees in finance, accounting, economics, and business administration are highly needed both by firms who have lost a lot or a few lucky ones who plan on expanding. The average salary is reported at £43,000-£60,832 per year.
  1. Recruitment Consultant
If there’s one satisfying thing about the UK’s current economic state, it’ll be the prudence that it imposed on firm owners. Today, CEOs are more meticulous about the people they let in into their companies. 
Therefore, they'll need a competitive recruitment consultant to oversee their HR department and/or to strengthen the company's brand towards potential applicants. The average wage plays around £36,000, (sans commission).
  1. Office Administrators
How can offices exist without them? Office admins are consistent in being amongst the most sought-after jobs in the UK. At £21,000 annually, attrition and turnover rates in this segment are high, but it can also be used to springboard a career, especially for fresh grads.
  1. Engineers
In 2014, billionaire businessman James Dyson said that the future of the UK was in the hands of engineers. He even persuaded the government to sponsor potential students to take a course in engineering. 
Moreover, an analysis from The Royal Academy of Engineering revealed that a deficit of 1.8 million engineers should be solved before 2025. The average reported salary is £28,000-£38,000 a year.
  1. Sales Executive
Those who have a knack for demonstrating and selling products, organising sales visits, and approaching potential clients and customers will never run out of a job in the UK. The average salary is £28,000, but most likely to be propped up by commission and other bonuses.
  1. Nurse
The UK government said that over a thousand positions in the nursing segment remain vacantdespite opening the country for thousands of foreign health workers in the past. The average salary begins at the £20,000 level, but experience can stretch it to £32,000.
  1. Teacher
The whole of the UK is suffering from what the experts call the ‘teacher crisis.’ The problem is severe since it remains unsolved up to this day. 
Math and sciences teachers are highly required not only in disadvantaged areas but also in some high-end communities. The £29,500 above-average annual salary, however, doesn't seem to be enough to address the problem.
  1. Chef
The lack of talented young chefs in the UK could change how the country eats, commented Tony Naylor of The Guardian. Not only that, but it could also potentially affect the restaurant boom in the nation. Anyone who’ll listen to two-Michelin-starred Midsummer House owner Daniel Clifford will understand the gravity of the problem. ‘The chef crisis is getting to the point where practically every restaurant in the UK is short of staff,” he said. The average salary for a chef starts at £22,000.

Where can I find out more about job vacancies?
More details about these vacant posts can be found on UK’s most popular job boards. Currently, the most popular are Indeed,,,,, and You can also try the government's job portal.

Additional tips
Your CV—curriculum vitae—must be tailored to a particular job, outlining experience and skills with a list of your achievements from each previous position. The shorter and simpler, the better. Experts in the UK always remind applicants that their CVs should be factual, grammatically correct, and zero typographical errors. Most importantly, use British English.
It can be especially hard for international applicants due to not being in the country for interviews and not knowing which companies are willing to hire foreign workers. 
Applying for roles with businesses that have offices all over the globe are a great place to start as they are more likely to have the resources and understanding required for hiring international candidates. 
If you have secured a job offer from a UK employer, but are unsure of what to do next, talk to one of our migration consultants for complete guidance.

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