This is why foreign citizens visit the UK

This is why foreign citizens visit the UK
There is something about the United Kingdom that makes it hard to resist. Some say it’s the culture, the arts, the countless museums, historic landmarks, and unique architecture, while to others, it’s all about the simple beauties like the music scene, the sprawling lakes outside the cities, and even the Queen. And we haven't mentioned the wonderful accents yet, the iconic red telephone booths and the double-decker buses.
But what really drives people to leave their home country for the UK? Let's look at some stats
According to the Home Office, foreign citizens visit the UK to travel, to study, to do business, and to be with their family.  In 2016 alone (until June), a total of 9.3 million foreign citizens who arrived in the UK for a short visit came from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) region; almost the same levels from the previous year. A big percentage of which—29 percent—were from the United States, mainly because Americans do not need a visa for tourist or business-related visits that do not exceed six months.  
In March 2017, almost 77 percent of visa applications obtained approval from the government. This number is equivalent to 2.5 million visas. Almost 77 percent (2 million) of this were to visit. Overall, the people that visited the UK the most in the past year were the Chinese. Over 61 percent of the country’s total visitor visa arrivals were from China, while the citizens of India take 2nd place at 393,929 visitors.
List of UK Visitor Visas  
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