Why do foreign citizens come to the UK to visit their family?

Why do foreign citizens come to the UK to visit their family?

According to a report by the Migration Observatory, the number of foreign-born population in the United Kingdom had increased by over 100 percent between 1993 and 2015 from 3.8 million to almost 8.7 million.  This number alone explains why thousands of family visa-related requests are generated every year. The more immigrants the UK accepts, the more reason for the immigrant's loved ones to apply for a visa that would allow them to visit their family, regardless of length or validity.

Why do Foreign citizens come to the UK to visit family?
What do the stats say?
According to the UK Home Office, a total of 136,787 family visas were granted in the year ending March 2017. This figure comprises including European Economic Area (EEA) family permits granted to non-EEA nationals and visas granted to dependants of other visa holders (excluding visitors). In the year ending December 2016, a total of 2,000 non-European Union (EU) nationals moved to the UK to accompany to join their family members (who are either permeant residents or citizens) with the intention of staying for more than 12 months.
All in all, the total number of family-related visas granted this year (ending March 2017) increased by 2 percent from the same month of the previous year. Partner visa topped the list with 30,201 approvals, up 3 percent to 29,358 from the past year. Child visa significantly dropped 18 percent from 2,476 to 3,019, while the Other Dependants Visa category (except Visitor Visa) also plummeted 1 percent from 64,603 from 65,506. As a whole, family-related grants of settlement (or permanent residency route) slid by 51 percent from 5,632 to 5,359 in March 2017 from the same period of the previous year.

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