Why have Banks and Building Societies been instructed to check the immigration status of all account holders?

Why have Banks and Building Societies been instructed to check the immigration status of all account holders?

The biggest news to hit since Brexit broke out last year is the announcement of banks and building societies being asked to check the migration status of all account holders.
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In short, the UK government has asked Banks and Building Societies to check all of the account holders against a list of known illegal immigrants hiding out in the UK.
The Government has placed the responsibility on the banks and building societies to implement these checks and report any matches they find. The first round of checks started on January 1st this year.
It is reported that over 76 million accounts were to be checked; with the government anticipating approx. 6,000 matches in the first year and dropping to 900 in subsequent years.
However, as many immigration welfare campaigns have pointed out: with so many accounts to check, placing all the responsibility on the banks could lead to errors where lawful migrants (who have legally obtained the right to work and live in the UK) end up having their accounts closed or frozen; causing more headaches and work for everyone.

If you are unsure about your visa status, or if you have some employees on a visa, talk to one our Senior Migration Consultants to ensure that your visa status meets new regulations.
Alternatively, if you have some staff members or employees on work visas that might be at risk, it is best to check that they meet the compliance regulations to avoid fines and getting their accounts closed in error.
On that same note, if you have an employee on a visa that is close to expiry, or has already expired, please speak to one of our senior migration consultants to find out what the next best course of action is for you.
It’s better to be safer than sorry later.

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